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Stay cool in the heat

The temperature outside is getting too hot to handle, and the rise in humidity has us all feeling sticky and uncomfortable. Beat the heat with these clever ideas and products that won't blow a hole in your budget.  

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Video: Woman in bed tossing and turning with blue sheets and blue cases on the pillows.

Start your day right by having a good night's sleep

Tossing and turning at night due to the humid and warm temperature? It takes five times longer to fall asleep in a high-temperature environment, and your average sleep time can be reduced by nearly 30%.

Now, lie down and cool off.

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One side is cooler than the other

KLUBBSPORRE ergonomic pillow has one side that maintains a cooler temperature, and an overall snug softness to keep your head, neck and shoulders loose and relaxed all night. Regardless of your body temperature, the pillow will retain its comfort.

Man in blue pyjamas lying on mattress with light blue bedsheets. His head is rested on a KLUBBSPORRE ergonomic cooling gel memory foam pillow, and a blue grey INGABRITTA knitted throw blanket is covering him.

    A comfy topper with cooling relief

    Too warm to sleep? Wrap REXBEGONIA cooling pad around your pillow or place it on your mattress - the cooling sensation helps you relax and fall asleep.  

    Also, the material breathes and absorbs moisture, helping to keep you dry.

    Man in bedroom resting on a bedframe with a mattress, covered with a quilt duvet in BERGPALM grey sheets, and lying on top of the REXBEGONIA cooling mat. TEREISA sun filtering curtains frame the windows of the bedroom.

      Bed linens to keep the temperature just right

      Many types of fabric can help you stay comfortable in bed. Cotton, viscose, and lyocell, for example, transport moisture away from your body, helping you maintain a nice, even temperature.

      Nylon and Polyester ❄️

      A special fabric that does not preserve heat, and transports heat away. 

      Viscose & Rayon ❄️❄️

      Wax infused viscose fibres absorb excess body heat and releases it when your body temperature drops.  

      Lyocell ❄️❄️❄️

      Soft silky feeling, absorbing and removing moisture away from your body, keeping you dry and comfortable all night (or day) long. 

      A mattress to support and cool you down 

      The FILLAN pocket sprung mattress features a 3cm thick layer of latex which provides pressure-relief, and also circulates air for a cooler and more comfortable sleep. 

      FILLAN mattress with hands on top.

        Cool as a cucumber throughout the day

        When the sun is at it's strongest, is when we are hottest. Here are some tips to keep you and your home cool in the day.  

        Keep out the heat and light

        Curtains and blinds can help your home stay at a comfortable temperature. Thicker curtains keep out the sun’s hot rays and different layers in your windows also help insulate your home.

        So do cellular blinds, which have a honeycomb structure that traps air, a natural insulator, inside them.

        Different light management options for curtains and blinds include light filtering, privacy, room darkening and block-out curtains. For a better cooling effect, choose room darkening or block-out blinds which will prevent the sunlight from getting in. 
        BERGPALM blockout curtains in blue lining the bedroom with a VEDBO armchair in grey at the corner. There is also a GURLI cushion lying on top of the armchair.

          Get hydrated with H2O and ice cool treats

          Did you know that increased water intake on hot days can help prevent dehydration and heatstrokes? With more sweating and loss of water from the body, an increase in water intake can help to replace fluids and also cool down your body temperature.

          SURSÖT ice cube tray in dark blue with adorable ship and whale designs placed on a table next to a carafe and glass with lemon and mint leaves.
            Five litre VARDAGEN drink dispenser with tap containing alot of ice cubes and clear liquid on a side table next to VARDAGEN drinking glass which is half filled and also contains lime slices and herbs.

              Lean back and cool down

              The removable mesh fabric on the NOLMYRA easy chair gives you a perfect way to relax and ventilate on a hot afternoon. 


              We've got your back, in a cool way

              Sit more upright, more comfortably and longer on a favourite chair – without your back getting tired or too warm.


              Relax, refresh and chill

              Make it rain indoors! Indulge and say goodbye to sticky skin and sweat, with our water and energy efficient shower range.


              Planning to be out and about?

              It's hard to leave the cool comfort of your home, but here are some essentials that will make it easier. 

              You can stand (or sit) under my umbrella

              Too much of a good thing is never good, and the same goes for sunshine too! Get excellent protection against the sun’s UV rays. Our parasols have a UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) rating of 50+, which means it blocks 98% of the ultraviolet radiation.

              Shop parasols and gazebos
              Group of two men and a woman on the beach with a STRANDON parasol in bright yellow with white polkadots.The lady is also carrying a STRANDON portable foldable beach chair.
                BETSO parasol in outdoor area with APPLARO outdoor dining set and showing several diningware on top of the table.
                  Shop parasols and gazebos

                  Keep our fur friends paw-fectly cool, too

                  Did you know that our pets are not able to cool themselves down as efficiently as us because they are not able to sweat? Here are some ways to help them beat the heat!

                  Is the hot weather making your furry best friend uncomfortable?   

                  Cool them down with these tips and ideas:

                  1. Place a cooling mat under their sleeping mat or area so they can relax and rest well.
                  2. Make cooling snacks with a popsicle maker to encourage hydration, or add ice cubes in their drinking bowl for a cool tasty drink.
                  3. Use a spray bottle to spray cool water on their fur to bring down their body temperature.
                  4. Fill a baby bath tub with cool water just enough to let them stand in it with their feet emerged, this helps them regulate their body temperature. 
                  5. Dampen a hand towel, chill it in the freezer and place it around their neck or groin area for a quick cooling effect. 
                  6. Give them a quick  shower with cool (not cold) water, to effectively lower the temperature quickly. 

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                  Here's the scoop: ice cream keeps us soy cool

                  Head down to your nearest IKEA store for a cooling ice-cream fix and Nordic drinks with free refills! 

                  Soy ice cream available at all IKEA stores, while stocks last.

                  Visit your local store now!

                  Coconut ice-cream (plant-based) 


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                  Mango and Coconut ice-cream (plant-based) 


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                  Nordic fruit water

                  Free refill | While stocks last

                  Nordic fruit water

                  Free refill | While stocks last

                  Looking for more desserts and cooling beverages? 

                  Prefer looking through your options in another way?