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A living room in tune with the arts

Here’s a living room that can represents you and your family's creative hobbies. A sofa with storage and display cabinets can help keep the clutter in check.

Serve up after-school snacks on a multi-talented coffee table. The tray top comes off, so you can move it from the kitchen to the living room. Put magazines or textiles in the storage basket below. They are kept out of the way, but still in sight.

Last-minute sleepover? No problem. There’s plenty of storage space underneath the chaise lounges to keep extra bedding for guests both big and small.

IKEA GRÖNLID large grey cotton sofa with two long chaises and decorative black and white dotted cushions.

It’s a full house here — but having a large sofa in a small space is definitely possible! Deep seats and plenty of cushions provide back support and can make a sofa feel inviting.

IKEA FABRIKÖR white drawer storage cabinet with clear glass doors, showing off trinkets and boxes inside.

Keep your living room clutter-free with a glass storage cabinet and boxes. Reserve the top to display statuettes and fun, quirky items.

A flexible light source meets many family demands. We mounted it on the same wall as the TV so we could have soft light around the screen. Tilt the arm over and you also have a reading light when the kiddos are in bed. Warm light colours are easier on the eyes.

Here’s an inspiring way to decorate a wall. Use different shapes, sizes and depths of frames to create an eclectic collage. The important thing is have a focal point to work your collage around, like this TV. Mount your instruments, too!