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Pots & plants

FEJKA plants in CHILISTRÅN hanging planters and VITLÖK flower boxes on black wrought iron railings fill a sunny balcony.

    Fake your way to a balcony garden

    Too impatient to wait for your flowers to grow and bloom? Fill the balcony with your FEJKA artificial plants and flowers and you’ll have a lush, green mini garden – no watering or green thumb required.

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    Shower your plants with love

    Talking to your plants is a common enough habit, and can probably be good for both parties. If you combine it with spraying a bit of water on them, even better.

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    A SESAMFRÖN clear-glass plant mister stands amid gardening accessories on a wooden surface.
      Hands tend to a white SOCKER greenhouse placed in a shelving unit with potted plants and gardening accessories.
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        In with the new, out with the old

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        Tips for taking care of indoor plants.

        Growing plants indoors made easy

        Take good care of your house plants and they’ll take care of you too. Science says they boost well-being, reduce stress and help with creativity. Give love back to your plants by following these simple tips.

        Take your plants to greater heights with plant stands

        Using plants stands is a great way to add more greenery to a room, even with limited floor space. Place them anywhere at home, even in the kitchen for easy-to-grab herbs. A general rule for an aesthetically pleasing arrangement: place larger plants on the bottom shelf, and smaller ones on top.

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        On a windowsill is a white CHILISTRÅN plant stand with a leafy plant on the bottom shelf and a succulent on the higher one.
          Behind a beige/brown SÖDERHAMN sofa is a bamboo/white SATSUMAS plant stand with books, a box and a potted plant.
          A SATSUMAS plant stand with five pots, green herbs inside the white pots, against a wall by a kitchen sink at a window.
          Two pine/black VANILJSTÅNG plant stands by a large window, with various plants in different plant pots.
          A black OLIVBLAD plant stand with various potted plants, a stack of books, and a bottle of water beside a sofa.
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          Tips for styling with decorative plants.

          Style your home with indoor plant decor

          Surround yourself with decorative plants and watch yourself bloom. Straight from our interior designers and creatives, these easy-to-do tips will make your home a lush oasis in no time.

          How to style with decorative plants