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Kitchenware & tableware

If you often have your friends over dinner, IKEA kitchenware got you covered. Discover the vast variety of dinnerware, classware and jugs, available in different styles and materials to match your dinner set theme. So, get in the kitchen to cook delicious meals. Buy kitchenware & tableware online

Pots and pans that last forever

Every home cook needs a good quality set of pots and pans and ovenware, and having the right selection for your needs might even inspire you to spend more time in the kitchen. Win, win.

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A black VARDAGEN carbon steel frying pan containing fried mushrooms next to a bowl of salt and a plate of raw mushrooms.
A person is standing in front of an IKEA 365+ frying pan, holding a plate in one hand and a pair of tongs in the other.
A VARDAGEN pot in enamelled steel is resting on a tabletop with the lid open, revealing mussels and fresh herbs.
A roasting tin containing cooked asparagus and chicken breasts with sliced lemons on top.
A blue saucepan on a gas stove boiling vegetables, with a baking tray and saucepan in the background.
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Discover some of our most popular series

RINNIG series – Organising the area around the sink
IKEA 365+ series – Meets all your needs at home with timeless and smart design
STORSINT series – Enhances the enjoyment of drinks
KORKEN series – Retains flavour and aroma for longer
VARDAGEN series – Traditional design for everyday use
IKEA 365+ cookware – Stainless steel pans and pots designed to last

Baking essentials for all sweet tooths

Baking with the little ones is a great way to get some screen-free fun for the whole family. And with the MARIATHERES aprons, tea towels and dish-cloths, you can even limit (but never eliminate) the mess.

A young girl wearing a beige MARIATHERES apron is standing next to a woman and they are together kneading a dough.
A child wearing jeans, socks and a beige MARIATHERES apron is standing on a stool next to a table.
A beige striped linen MARIATHERES tea towel is draped over a white bowl, revealing a dough. There is a jar next to the bowl.
A hand clad in a grey MARIATHERES oven glove holds a stainless-steel oven tray with a cinnamon bun.
A young girl with long hair, wearing a beige MARIATHERES apron, is playing with flour on a table.

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