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Baby & children

Welcoming baby into your home

A whole new world begins when you have a baby. From toys to cots, bedding to changing tables, you’ll find lots in our baby range to help you, all tested to strict safety standards and designed with love.

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A multicolour GULLIGAST mobile with various hanging imaginary animal figures and flowers hangs from the ceiling.
    A GULLIGAST soft toy shaped like a rabbit lies in a multicolour GULLIGAST baby gym near a grey HAUGA upholstered bed.
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      Cosy bedtime company for your child

      There once was a child who was going to bed. To make every day end as happily as a bedtime story, it can be a good idea to enhance the plot. Say, with a huggable toy, a smiley night light and fresh, fluffy, friendly bed linen.

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      A child's room with a SPIKEN otter-shaped LED night light and a white MINNEN extendable bed made with BUSENKEL bed linen.
        A chair with a lit SPIKEN otter-shaped LED night light placed next to a grey and white LILLEPLUTT soft toy cat.
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          Children’s series

          From wooden trains to role play toys to dinosaurs, rugs, quilt covers and more.

          LILLABO series – Train set toys that develop the imagination, fine motor skills and logical thinking
          DUKTIG series – Role play toys for “let’s pretend” fun that also helps kids develop social skills
          JÄTTELIK series – Soft toys, bed linen and more with a theme that kids love... dinosaurs!
          A child sits on a rug with some kitchen utensils and soft toys and wraps toilet paper around a JÄTTELIK soft toy.

          Play like nobody’s watching

          Playing has no rules. It happens anywhere and anytime – and anything can become the perfect doctor’s equipment.

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          A young child sits in a white SUNDVIK cot with one side removed and GULSPARV bed linen with a blueberry pattern.

          Children’s safety is top priority

          Every product goes through a long process of testing and doesn’t go on sale until it has satisfied safety laws and standards.

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          Giving your children the room to grow

          Sometimes it’s a playroom for making delicious meals with Mum, sometimes it’s a bedroom for restful sleep and dreams. Whatever you need your kid’s room to be, you’ll find plenty in the IKEA children’s range to help.

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          A girl standing at a children’s table playing with a DUKTIG fruit basket and other toys with her mother, by a play kitchen.
            A girl in a grey SUNDVIK extendable bed with pink and white BUSENKEL bed linen reaching for a toy on a chair beside the bed.
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              Welcoming baby into your home

              From soft, cosy blankets to a soft toy with a built-in LED night light, you’ll find lots here for your baby, all tested to strict safety standards and designed with love.

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              A baby lies on its stomach on the mat of a GULLIGAST baby gym playing with a cuddly little soft toy.
              The parent unit of an UNDVIKA baby monitor sits on a pile of textile products including a dark yellow SOLGUL blanket.
              A KLAPPA mobile hangs above a grey SUNDVIK changing table/chest of drawers which has two KRAMA washcloths hanging from it.
              A pile of textiles on a wooden box in a child’s room including a GULSPARV quilt cover and pillowcase and GULSPARV curtains.
              A young child wearing dotted pyjamas sits on a sofa beside a PEKHULT soft toy with LED night light.
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