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Find the interior style that's right for you

How do you find your personal interior style? It can be an exciting journey. A good first step is to explore different styles and gather inspiration. 

5 Popular Interior Styles

What are the different interior styles? There's a style for every taste and personality – Scandinavian, modern, classic, bohemian and rustic are some interior styles that are popular right now.

Visualize your style in a mood board

Make a list of the elements and themes that you're drawn to. A mood board is an easy and fun way to help visualize your ideas. Once you've gathered inspiration online or in magazines and start to get a sense of what you want, take the images, colors, textures, and items you love into a mood board to find your interior style.

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Let your lifestyle reflect your interior style

The next step in finding your personal style is to look at your current home and lifestyle. Your interior design style should reflect your personality and work practically for your day-to-day life.

If you love minimalist design and have a minimalist lifestyle, a modern or Scandinavian interior design style may be right for you. On the other hand, if you prefer to make vintage finds and surround yourself with a more bohemian vibe, a bohemian interior style may be a better fit.

Get help from our interior designers

To find the interior style that suits you, you can also enlist the help of our professional interior designers. They can help you visualize different styles in your own home.

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7 interior design trends for 2024

Be inspired by interior design trends to find inspiration for your personal style and home. Here we have gathered the latest interior design trends that are all the rage right now.

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What describes an interior design style?

An interior design style is like an artistic signature that gives your home a unique character. It's a way to express your personality and interests through the choice of colors, furniture, decorations, and layout. Each interior design style has its own characteristics and themes, creating a distinct atmosphere in the room.

What are the basic principles of interior design?

No matter what interior style you choose, there are a few basic principles that are always relevant. Balance, harmony, contrast and proportion are key elements that affect how a room is perceived. To have a flair for color schemes and to use the right lighting is also crucial in creating the desired atmosphere.

How does colour affect interior style?

Colors can be divided into cold, warm and neutral colors. For example, by picking a warm color among cold colors, you get an accent color that stands out. A simple rule of thumb is to think color as a percentage: 60, 30 and 10 percent. Where 60 percent is the color in most of the room (floor, walls and ceiling), 30 percent is furniture and carpets, and 10 percent is accent color. If you replace the 30 or 10 percent with a different color, you get a completely different look and feel in the room.