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Hide-and-seek playground

Every day is play day. If your child loves to play hide and seek, this bedroom is filled with flexible furniture that also conceals and reveals. Can you find a good hiding spot?

Crawl into the ultimate hiding place. This eggshell armchair is made for sitting, spinning and hiding. Swiveling can help develop children’s balance.

Some things are meant to be kept secret. Flip open the two table lids and find secret storage boxes for art supplies and toys. Clean-up just got easier.

This bed is full of surprises, with a hidden extension that can be pulled out as your child grows. It’s also safe to play on, too; all the edges are rounded for a no-bump zone.

IKEA SINNRIK lamps with plastic bulb protectors.

No accidents here — these cord sets come with a plastic guard to protect the bulbs from shattering. So mix and match away, using different lampshades to create a unique arrangement.