SYLT JORDGUBB strawberry jam organic 400 g

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The sweet taste of strawberry jam goes well on sandwiches or crispbread, with desserts or porridge, or on waffles and pancakes with whipped cream.Organic food production aims at sustaining farming practices that are better for people and planet.
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Organic food production

We want to source food from more sustainable sources and make it available at affordable prices. Alongside agriculture that minimizes the use of chemical inputs, organic food production is one of the ways we can achieve this goal. The definitions of organic vary across countries, but the intention is the same – good environmental practices, like preserving soil health, biodiversity, and human and animal health. In the IKEA store, you will find several organic food options.

Thursday = Pancake Day

In Sweden, Thursday is pea soup and pancake day. And the pancakes are most often served with strawberry jam. Serve SYLT JORDGUBB strawberry jam on crispbread or toast, for baking, desserts or with porridge. Or try it the Swedish way, on pancakes (or waffles) with whipped cream and vanilla ice cream. Preferably on Thursdays. This particular jam is organic and totally free from preservatives.

Strawberry jam, organic400 g

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SYLT JORDGUBB strawberry jam organic 400 g


3/ 0.4 kg