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SILL MATJES Matjes herring fillets,

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These delicious pieces of herring are in a classic spice marinade – a Swedish delicacy ready to be enjoyed right away without cooking. This product is also MSC-certified.

Article Number302.016.48

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Classically serve the herring as an entire meal with boiled potatoes, sour cream and chives, as a light lunch on crispbread with sliced egg or as a festive appetizer on a rich rye bread.

Marinated herring is ready to be eaten right away. A delicacy that does not require any cooking, perfect for a quick lunch or simple dinner.

Fine matjes herring pieces in a classic flavourful marinade with, among other ingredients, cinnamon and allspice peppar – a real Swedish classic.

At Christmas, Easter and Midsummer, herring is a must on Swedish dining tables. Without herring, there is no real Swedish celebration – and the tasty fish is even enjoyed for everyday meals.

Marinating herring in salt and vinegar and adding various ingredients and spices is a traditional way of preserving and flavouring the fish. Onions, dill, mustard, garlic and caviar are popular marinades.

This seafood has met the MSC's global standard for sustainability.


    Drained weight: 150 g

    Net weight: 250 g

    • SILL MATJESArticle Number302.016.48

      Length: 9 cm

      Weight: 0.42 kg

      Diameter: 7 cm

      Package(s): 1


    Function solution

    Herring in a flavourful marinade

    Matjes is a traditional kind of herring that is eaten all year round. The fish is matured in barrels, filleted and stored in a marinade made from a special recipe – before being packaged and sold as herring fillets. Our SILL MATJES is great as an appetiser or as a light meal together with classic Swedish sides like boiled potatoes, sour cream and chives. Or simply on rye or crispbread with sliced egg.

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    Herring for festive and everyday meals

    For Christmas, Easter and the traditional Midsummer celebration, different kinds of marinated herring are a must on Swedish dining tables – but Swedes like herring other times too. Marinating herring in salt and vinegar and adding various ingredients and spices is a way to preserve and flavour the fish. Some popular marinades are onions, dill, mustard, garlic and caviar. Serve our MSC-certified SILL with boiled potatoes, sour cream and chives – for festive and everyday meals.