BERÄKNA vase clear glass 18 cm
BERÄKNA vase clear glass 18 cm
BERÄKNA vase clear glass 18 cm
BERÄKNA vase clear glass 18 cm
BERÄKNA vase clear glass 18 cm
BERÄKNA vase clear glass 18 cm

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The vase is perfect for tulips and other short-stemmed flowers.Designer

Susan Pryke

  • Glass
    Wipe clean with a damp cloth.
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18 cm


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BERÄKNA vase clear glass 18 cm

Vases for all occasions

Flowers seem to have almost magical powers. They bring an ambience and flair that brightens up just about any day. But the way people buy and use them differs between countries. Our product developer Anh Linh and her colleagues knew this from experience. To learn even more, they brought in an expert. Ragnhildur Fjeldsted, a professional florist based in Iceland, shared her many insights from different parts of the world. She helped Anh and the team to find the answers they needed to create BERÄKNA vases.  Read more
In Denmark, Ragnhildur says, people buy a lot of ready-made, hand-tied bouquets. But the Dutch buy big bunches of flowers, say 20 to 50 stems, and make arrangements themselves. "They are clever at it," she adds. London residents, she says, prefer floral centrepieces to put on a plinth or a table. "But they also use a lot of different greenery like eucalyptus or monstera leaves to decorate a nice glass vase only with greenery."

Lessons in vases

The team realized BERÄKNA needed at least a single stem vase, a tulip vase and a lily vase. They added a bowl, a taller vase and a floor vase, too. "Single stem vases are great on trays with candles and small bunches of flowers and I often use them for parties, hotels and restaurants that don’t have big budgets”, Ragnhildur says, going on to explain that tulip vases make flowers stay in place instead of falling to the sides and leaving a gap. A lily vase, she continues, is balanced and stable so long-stemmed, top-heavy flowers don't tip the vase over.

Renew your home with flowers

When working with BERÄKNA, Anh and the team were strengthened in their belief that flowers are an essential part of home furnishing, and even fashion. It’s all used to renew. Ragnhildur agrees. “Just look in a fashion magazine. You'll be surprised to see how often they use flowers for their photo shoots."
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Vase, clear glass18 cm

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BERÄKNA vase clear glass 18 cm


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