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A place where you can enjoy the sun

It doesn’t take a lot of room to set up a holiday spot where you can enjoy the sun. The best part? No need to get up early to reserve this prime spot.

See all lounging & relaxing furniture
See all lounging & relaxing furniture

Designed for movement

IKEA 365+ is:
▢ For hot drinks
▢ For cold drinks
▢ To look good on the table

At IKEA, design is much more than it looks. We know that aesthetics are important, but our homes are not art galleries. Our products are designed for living, so they are affordable for the many people.

Designed for living.

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Click and Collect Service

You can visit us at the store. But you don't have to.
Now, when making your smallest purchases online, you can collect them at one of the more than 1.000 CTT collection points of your choice.

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Let the summer in and feel full of energy

Whatever your summer dream is, we have to live it outdoors. Make the most of this season with comfort and decorate our home with plants and accessories. We have products that will make you feel refreshed and full of energy. Long live the summer!

See summer decoration
See summer decoration

Add a little extra with summer decoration

Sometimes just adding a few decorative touches is enough to give an occasion, your home and your mood a big boost. You will find that with INBJUDEN collection.

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Prepare the table for the warm days

Our dishes in the summer become full of color and lighter. This summer there is nothing better than betting on lighter, refreshing meals to "relieve" the excesses of the previous season. It is time to take the sun to sunbathe, stroll and why not prepare the best table for your family?

See more dinnerware
See more dinnerware


Shop online and receive at your home from 7€.

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