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LED lights

What would you do with 25,000 hours? Read your overdue library books? Finish that epic puzzle? Whatever you do, LED lighting can keep you company because that’s about how long LEDs last, and they also save up to 85% on energy. We’ve got a variety of LED lights, too, like strips under a cabinet or a work lamp in your laptop’s USB.

A new LED pendant lamp that strikes a pose

With a graphic silhouette, this LED pendant lamp will give any space an eye-catching style refresh. Its strong shape doesn’t skimp on directional light so it’s great for hanging over tables and worktops. Turn the atmosphere up or down by connecting it to a TRÅDFRI wireless dimmer.

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A black PILSKOTT LED pendant lamp hanging in the middle of a yellow room with a picture in a black frame on the wall.
A black PILSKOTT LED pendant lamp with the bulb switched on hangs over a worktop in a darkened kitchen with a yellow wall.
See LED lamps