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Bed linen for a seaside sleep

Why not bring the beach to your home with this new, fresh bed linen? It’s an easy way to revitalise your bedroom and get in the mood for summer.

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A black SAGSTUA bed with VITPYROLA bed linen stands on a PEDERSBORG rug next to a window in a bedroom.
A SAGSTUA bed with VITPYROLA bed linen, which has a coral and seashell pattern, and two cushions with AINA cushion covers.
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Staying fresh in bed with mattress and pillow protectors

Looking for an easy way to help your bed stay fresh and prolong the lives of your mattress and pillows? Mattress and pillow protectors keep dirt and stains away and you can pop them into your washing machine for a thorough clean whenever you want.

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A pillow which is inside a partly zipped up ÄNGSKORN pillow protector lies on top of a mattress.
A corner of a mattress on which an ÄNGSKORN mattress protector has been fastened in place.
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