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Cushions & cushion covers

A new cushion to shape up your style

With its elegant rectangular shape, this latest addition to the GURLI cushion cover range is ready to inject a fresh look onto beds, sofas and even hallway benches. Try it with low-key patterns for a calming rustic feel that’s always inviting.

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A rectangular cushion in a beige GURLI cover in front of a square cushion in a light pink IDALINNEA cover on a rattan bench.
    A corner of a cushion in a beige GURLI cover with a cushion in a light pink IDALINNEA cover behind it on a rattan bench.
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      More optionsGURLI Cushion cover 40x58 cm

      GURLI Cushion cover, red, 40x58 cm

      More optionsVÅRELD Cushion cover 50x50 cm

      VÅRELD Cushion cover, dark grey, 50x50 cmVÅRELD Cushion cover, brown-red, 50x50 cmVÅRELD Cushion cover, black-blue, 50x50 cm

      More optionsÅSVEIG Cushion cover 50x50 cm

      ÅSVEIG Cushion cover, pink, 50x50 cm

      More optionsEBBATILDA Cushion cover 50x50 cm

      EBBATILDA Cushion cover, light beige, 50x50 cmEBBATILDA Cushion cover, grey, 50x50 cmEBBATILDA Cushion cover, light grey-green, 50x50 cm

      More optionsVATTENVÄN Cushion cover 50x50 cm

      VATTENVÄN Cushion cover, blue/striped, 50x50 cmVATTENVÄN Cushion cover, pink/striped, 50x50 cmVATTENVÄN Cushion cover, multicolour/striped, 50x50 cm

      More optionsSANELA Cushion cover 40x58 cm

      SANELA Cushion cover, yellow-beige, 40x58 cmSANELA Cushion cover, orange-brown, 40x58 cmSANELA Cushion cover, pale grey-green, 40x58 cm

      More optionsDYTÅG Cushion cover 50x50 cm

      DYTÅG Cushion cover, dark beige, 50x50 cmDYTÅG Cushion cover, black, 50x50 cmDYTÅG Cushion cover, light pink, 50x50 cm

      More optionsSVARTHÖ Cushion cover 50x50 cm

      SVARTHÖ Cushion cover, beige, 50x50 cmSVARTHÖ Cushion cover, grey/beige, 50x50 cmSVARTHÖ Cushion cover, pink/beige, 50x50 cm

      More optionsINNER Cushion pad 50x50 cm

      INNER Cushion pad, white/firm, 40x58 cmINNER Cushion pad, white/firm, 65x65 cm

      More optionsSOLMOTT Cushion cover 50x50 cm

      SOLMOTT Cushion cover, grey/striped, 50x50 cm
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