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Our home

In uncertain times when reality changes by the hour, it’s clear. That home is the most importante place in the world. Your home, where you and your loved ones need to feel safe and comfortable. Make the most of your space and time together. If there is anything you need to improve life at home, we've got you covered. Our online store is still open.

The table for all projects

The kitchen table has always been used for much more than just eating. That's why we're breaking with tradition and we're going to call it the "project table", the centre of the home where everybody gets together to eat, play and work.

    Work in the dining table and have a call in the kitchen

    Working and studying at home can be a challenge, especially when you are an entire family sharing the same space.

      For the most important people in the world.

      Kids have lots of activities at home, from studying to turning the living room into a jungle, and they're all important for their development. With the right details, your home can become even more functional in order to cater to all these needs.

        Master chef, or hungry amateur?

        Inspiration for cooking is everywhere, but the appeal of the kitchen isn't the same for everyone and, for some, their passion for cooking includes cakes, bread and even pancakes. At IKEA, you'll find something for every kind of chef and the best thing is you can carry on cooking in your pyjamas and sing your favourite songs as loud as you please.