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The genius kitchen

In this kitchen, where bright ideas for broccoli are cooked up day and night, are some equally bright ideas that make the most of the space. Good storage is the key ingredient here, sliced and diced in different ways to keep things organized, accessible, and flowing smoothly – one meal to the next. Bon appetit!

Few things say “home cook turned pro” like a super-sized, super-sturdy shelving system, holding all tools of the trade-in style. Everything a cook could ever need is easy to see, grab, use and return after washing, day after day.

The only thing you should be wondering is what to cook with your ingredients, not where to find them. With transparent food storage containers (that are also stackable!), staying on top of your pantry supplies is a breeze.

Keeping your dinnerware chip-free, and quick and easy to carry, one handy plate holder at a time. You’re welcome.

One level up from great storage? Great storage-within-storage. Hidden drawers, divider trays and containers reign in the spice-collection chaos, and free up more space than you ever knew you had.

Drawers are packed to the max, shelves are fully loaded, and not an inch of worktop space is free. Not to worry, though: this heavy-duty trolley is on hand (and on wheels) to help, in kitchens big and small.

Should storage be functional? Yes. Can it also be beautiful? Also yes. Repurposed picture ledges (with a smart curtain wire to keep things secure) are the perfect perch for displaying cherished dinnerware.

A smart, organized kitchen is as much about maximizing space as it is about maximizing time. Every minute saved on waste sorting, is one gained for the fun part: enjoying the delicious meal you’ve just made!