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Storing your style: organizing your closet with IKEA wardrobe ideas

The everyday ecosystem of clothes can be both fascinating and frustrating, but there’s no getting round it. On the other hand, following some easy rules can go a long way. We gathered all of them here – for closets filled with clothes and accessories of all sizes and shapes. Here are a few wardrobe ideas from IKEA to inspire you. 

The simple genius of hanging clothes

A tossed t-shirt or a pair of trousers on a chair. Then another shirt. By the end of a week, you have a clothing haystack to deal with. Or – you can resist gravity. A clothes rack or three gives you visibility, accessibility, and a home free of textile piles. Also, they work great as room dividers.

Organizing begins on the inside

Getting ready in the morning can involve both tough decisions and tight schedules. A simple wardrobe organization idea is to segregate your accessories and smaller clothing items into groups. Organizers, boxes and inserts make it easier to view, find and grab what you need, helping to minimize starting time.

Handling and caring for your clothes effectively reduces clutter. Designate a spot to hang clothes that are worn but not quite ready to wash to increase order and reduce piling.

Chiara Effroi Lutteri, interior designer at IKEA

Dressing up for occasions when you have time and energy is great. For most other days, however, a basic collection of no-nonsense garments can be a winning choice – quick to pick out and off you go. An easy wardrobe organization idea for the laid-back individual with a soft spot for casual days out.

Sculptural form meets jacket-wrangling practicality: it’s hard to picture a hallway that wouldn’t be improved by this hat and coat stand.

If an empty spot on the shoe organizer is hard to come by, how about an organizer that gives two shoes home for the space of one?

Now you see me, now you don’t

IKEA believes that stylish wardrobe ideas don’t have to be too complicated – sometimes, all it takes is a pair of curtains to give your room not one but two effective styles. Although it doesn’t enjoy the fame and status of its walk-in sibling, the curtained wardrobe may well be the cleverer of the two. Part the fabric and you have a wall of couture in full view. Then close it for a calmer, softer look – and even reduced noise. If your bedroom isn’t the right place, take it elsewhere. Anywhere, in fact. When it’s not in use, simply shut the curtains and the room transforms back to its alter ego.

For final-tweak accessories or small-item holding for each family member, a wheeled drawer unit will do the trick. When it’s time for seasonal storage, simply load it up and roll it away.

Besides making the most of both space and budget, curtains work for more than rows of clothes. Like using a section of the wall for a dressing table. Getting ready in the morning is suddenly a one-stop-shop with this easy organization idea.

Long live accessorizing

It’s the small details that complete the best outfits, so make sure your wardrobe organizer ideas include provisions to take care of your accessories. Handy baskets like these help you keep track of any and all. (And they don’t just look good. They’re made from ninety percent recycled material, too.)

Keep it light and fashionable

Need wardrobe organizer ideas but want to avoid the bulk and sharp lines? Go with a soft lining instead. Open and accessible, or simply unroll the cloth cover for an organized, even calmer look.

Hoops to hold the final touches

Scarves, necklaces, ties, bows, and more. The aptly named multi-use hanger is at your command. Also, anything you hang from it will look deliberate and artful.

Oh, the joys of seasonal storage! You pack your winter sweaters away from dust and wear, forget about them, greet spring. Half a year later, you rediscover old favorites, good as new.

Some days it’s not until the rest of the outfit is in place that you realize what tiny addition will perfect your look. Keep those assets close with a few easy wardrobe organization ideas and you can make the most of both inspiration and accessibility.

Wardrobes with lots of hanger space and drawers go a long way, but loose boxes can add even more flexibility – going in and out for super quick rearranging, color comparison, and handy laundry admin.