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Home visit: set up a creative office space

If you spend your day in your home office, you need the place to work for you. See how our interiors stylist helps this entrepreneur and crafter to make her home office organized and inspiring…

A white desk and yellow lamps against a blue wall, below a window.
A white desk and yellow lamps against a blue wall, below a window.

Toni’s desk used to be cramped, cluttered and lacked any clear organization. Interiors stylist Åsa Dyberg took three simple steps to sort it out:

Maximize the space. Sometimes, a small space can take big furniture. Åsa decided that a bigger desk would not only give Toni more room to work but also be a better fit proportionally and help streamline the space. Instead of a traditional desk with legs, Åsa combined the LINNMON table top with ALEX drawers – they double as legs and turn the ‘dead’ space under Toni’s desk into smart, closed storage.

Organize the small things. Toni is inspired by what she sees – cards, notes, badges. Adding the VÄGGIS pinboard and SKÅDIS pegboard creates neat display areas for her current inspirations, as well as a place to keep important notes in sight. 

Boost your lighting. Positioning a desk by a window takes advantage of the feel-good benefit of natural light, but it’s important to ensure there are also good task lamps, so light can be directed exactly where it’s needed when you work.

“Having a well-thought-out home office makes a big difference to how I work – I don’t have any distractions and my mind can open up to a bit more creativity,” says Toni. “I am a home person and I like that I can create a nest – a safe space where I can experiment and not worry about anything that’s happening outside.”

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Made by
Interior designer: Åsa Dyberg
Photographer: Polly Wreford