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Home visit: a teen bedroom for study and play

When you’re a teenager, there’s no space quite like your bedroom. Somewhere to express yourself, study, sleep and hang out. Discover this teen’s personal yet practical room…

Close-up of a bed with neutral bedding and blue patterned cushions.
Close-up of a bed with neutral bedding and blue patterned cushions.

My sanctuary

“I’ve lived in this room ever since I was small, so it’s grown with me,” says Malin (15). “It used to be gray walls and red everything. Now I love blue. Ocean blue – it feels like a lagoon.” The functional parts of her room, such as adjustable task lamps for late-night reading, do their job. While fun parts, like open shelves and a magnetic display rack, let Malin show the things she loves most.

My favorite place is my big bed! Before, I had a bunk so it was harder to relax here. Now I love to sit and read, and go online.


Space to hang out

Just because it’s a teen hideaway doesn’t mean it’s unsociable. The addition of some lightweight, flexible seating creates a breakout area for when friends come over. Add extra comfort by taking a few cushions from the bed to lean against. Malin and her older sister, Stine (20), are pretty close, and as Stine has the smaller bedroom next door, they usually hang out together here.

My study space isn’t just for school work. I also use it for myself, and the things that I want to do, like painting and scrapbooking.


Easy personal touches

Make it easy for teens to take ownership of their decor. Noticeboards are ideal for displaying photos, postcards and the things they find inspiring. This one’s magnetic, so it’s easy to switch things around as their tastes change. In Malin’s room, the walls are put to creative use with a combination of EKET cabinets – inside each she creates mini displays of her keepsakes.

Study space, sorted

In a teen’s bedroom, organizing is as important as displaying. Malin’s corner desk is custom-built by her dad, Bernd. The benefit of a corner desk is the extra space below for storage drawers and above for desktop organizers to keep everything in order. The KVISSLE letter tray is the perfect fit for assignment folders and has a compartment for each day of the school week.

Time to discover your identity

When we visited, Malin told stylist Carl that a mirror would make her bedroom complete. A shared family bathroom, like Malin’s, can get overcrowded, leaving no personal space for a teen’s quest to discover themselves and experiment with their identity. Having her own mirror gives Malin more privacy and time in the morning to spend getting ready.

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Interior stylist: Carl Braganza
Photographer: Nato Welton