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The joy of entertaining in a small space

While they certainly won’t be hosting banquets in their small, one-bedroom apartment, this couple has mastered the art of intimate evening soirees. It all comes down to careful planning, seemingly endless small, delicious plates, and treating preparation as half the fun.

A worktop with a black JÄMFÖRA knife block with knives, an APTITLIG chopping board, KORKEN jars, and white bowls.
A VARDAGEN 5 liter jar with tap filled with lemonade placed on a STOLTHET chopping board, with a mug under the tap.

Setting the mood

With food and beverage prep well underway, it’s time to create the atmosphere! They pick out one of their go-to playlists and light some candles, creating glowing pockets of warmth across their space. Their impressive vase collection is filled with fresh flowers – immediately upping the festivity.

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A green KONSTFULL vase with water and several stemmed flowers set on a surface along with other green plants and flowers.
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Cheers to beautiful glassware!

Another great advantage of having people around? Showing off the beautiful things you save for special occasions. Their glassware collection, normally displayed in their kitchen storage, becomes the centre of attention, elevating even the simplest of beverages.

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An IKEA 365+ carafe with stopper containing water behind four grey OMBONAD goblets placed on a bamboo OSTBIT tray.
An IKEA 365+ carafe with stopper containing water and four OMBONAD goblets, two with water, placed on a OSTBIT tray.
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Tapas for everyone

Their kitchen may be small but having the dining table in arm’s reach means there is ample space for serving up their delicious food as soon as it’s made. Rather than a sit-down meal, they opt for small plates to be enjoyed throughout the evening, allowing them to extend the invitation further.

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TREBENT chopsticks on a GLADELIG side plate, a bamboo/white TYNGDLÖS tray with 3 bowls set, and side plates set on a table.
A pair of GRÖNSAKER salad servers set in a serving bowl, with three bowls placed on a tray to the side, all set on a table.
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A person extends their hand over a STOLTHET chopping board with GLADELIG bowl, and plates, all set on a BORGEBY coffee table.

A conversational feast

Seated around the sofa, everyone gets to catch up, indulging in good conversation and delicious food and drink. Three cheers to another delightful evening with friends!

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