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Cushions & cushion covers

A mood-lifting makeover with a soft velvet feel

So many vibrant colors and a lovely velvet feel. This new cushion cover gives you a lot of makeovers for your money!

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A cushion in a pink/striped VATTENVÄN cushion cover sits on a yellow EKERÖ armchair under a floral decoration on a wall.
    Part of a cushion in a pink/striped VATTENVÄN cushion cover which is leaning against the back cushion of a yellow armchair.
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      Cushions make it comfy wherever you are

      Who says being outdoors can’t be as comfortable as being indoors? Just add a comfy and colorful cushion and you’re set.

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      A person wearing a denim jacket and chinos sits in a chair and uses a multicoloured SANDMOTT cushion as extra comfort.
        A multicoloured SANDMOTT cushion rests against the back of a dark grey/black TEGELÖN in/outdoor chair.
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          Setting the style with cushion and covers

          Looking for a quick, easy and very affordable way to create a style? You could mix cushions or covers in earth colors to give a soft, traditional look. Or why not use ones with a graphic pattern to create a modern vibe, like the hand-embroidered patchwork cushion cover here?

          Cushions in different cushion covers including one in a dark beige DYTÅG cushion cover lie on top of a storage unit.
            Two cushions in multicoloured ROSENDUNÖRT cushion covers lie on a floor together with an off-white STOENSE rug.