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Cushion covers

Let’s hear it for cushion covers – the unsung heroes of easy style additions and refreshes. One swap is all it takes to give your sofa or bed a new look. So what kind of cushion cover do you feel like today? Flowers, stripes, solid blue? All the above? The choice is up to you and what you love.

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More optionsSVARTPOPPEL Cushion cover 50x50 cm (20x20 ")

SVARTPOPPEL Cushion cover, light pink, 50x50 cmSVARTPOPPEL Cushion cover, gray-green, 50x50 cmSVARTPOPPEL Cushion cover, yellow, 50x50 cm

More optionsGURLI Cushion cover 65x65 cm (26x26 ")

GURLI Cushion cover, dark yellow-green, 65x65 cm

More optionsÅSVEIG Cushion cover 40x58 cm (16x23 ")

ÅSVEIG Cushion cover, gray-brown, 40x58 cmÅSVEIG Cushion cover, dark gray-turquoise, 40x58 cm

More optionsEBBATILDA Cushion cover 50x50 cm (20x20 ")

EBBATILDA Cushion cover, gray-turquoise, 50x50 cm

More optionsSANELA Cushion cover 50x50 cm (20x20 ")

SANELA Cushion cover, light beige, 50x50 cmSANELA Cushion cover, golden brown, 50x50 cmSANELA Cushion cover, gray-green, 50x50 cmSANELA Cushion cover, light olive-green, 50x50 cmSANELA Cushion cover, light pink, 50x50 cmSANELA Cushion cover, red, 50x50 cm

More optionsVALLKRASSING Cushion cover 50x50 cm (20x20 ")

VALLKRASSING Cushion cover, gray-green, 50x50 cm

More optionsDYTÅG Cushion cover 50x50 cm (20x20 ")

DYTÅG Cushion cover, gray-green, 50x50 cmDYTÅG Cushion cover, black, 50x50 cm

More optionsPLOMMONROS Cushion cover 50x50 cm (20x20 ")

PLOMMONROS Cushion cover, dark gray/gray, 50x50 cm

More optionsMAJSMOTT Cushion cover 50x50 cm (20x20 ")

MAJSMOTT Cushion cover, off-white/red, 50x50 cm

More optionsKLIPPNEJLIKA Cushion cover 40x58 cm (16x23 ")

KLIPPNEJLIKA Cushion cover, dark blue/multicolor, 40x58 cm

More optionsGULLBERGSÖ Cushion cover 50x50 cm (20x20 ")

GULLBERGSÖ Cushion cover, yellow/white stripe/outdoor indoor, 50x50 cm

More optionsGURLI Cushion cover 40x58 cm (16x23 ")

GURLI Cushion cover, red, 40x58 cm

More optionsIDALINNEA Cushion cover 50x50 cm (20x20 ")

IDALINNEA Cushion cover, yellow-brown, 50x50 cmIDALINNEA Cushion cover, anthracite, 50x50 cm
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