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Welcome home to IKEA Festival

IKEA Festival may have ended, but we can still celebrate all the ways we live our lives at home—the weird, the wonderful, the real. Explore IKEA Festival from some of our favourite festival moments.

    In need of inspiration?

    At IKEA Malaysia, we celebrate life at home with different needs. With a vision in creating better everyday life, IKEA has been fulfilling the home furnishing needs of many while responding to your increasingly urbanised lifestyle. Get inspired by our locally relevant home furnishing videos for each of your favourite room and check out some of our affordable products. ​

    My home turf

    A 24-hour living room for the small family​

      Step into a living room that is so much more than just that, a space for a quality family time. From warm morning cuddles and movie nights on a comfy sofa to family activities at the dining table, in this video we show you how a family of four can enjoy their entire Saturday together for that memorable family moments.​

      Taste the emotion

      A kitchen is what makes a house a home

        And the best thing about your kitchen is that it is all yours; a place where you can binge, work, and cook how you want. In this video, we will walk through with you on tips to consider for your kitchen workflow to minimise your movement, help create space to store your goods and be more organised in the kitchen to make your binging, working, and cooking more enjoyable.​

        My Rituals room

        Love your differences

          Moving in together doesn’t mean you have to give up on your favourite things or your style. Combine your personalities and simply divide your bedroom in two. On one side there is a place for her to make up, and open storage for all the favourite items and outfits. On the other side, there is comfortable bed where he can lean on while on his laptop.​


          Together we can create a more sustainable future

            Our sustainable home was inspired by Sustainability through the daily lives of local. Living a sustainable life ultimately means making a conscious decision in our everyday activities. Practical ideas that can make your home more sustainable – both to save you money and to help preserve precious resources. Every product in this home are consciously chosen; the items in this home are either made out of natural renewable materials such as cotton, recycled materials or can be recycled. ​