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LJUV collection from IKEA - Handmade and Heart-Made

LJUV, which means delightful in Swedish, is a result of a collaboration between IKEA and the Lebanese designer Nada Debs. This makes LJUV a collection where traditional patterns and symbols of the Middle East meet Scandinavian design.

Working from home #ByYourSide

It might be work, but it doesn’t have to feel like it. All it takes is a comfy chair, home office furniture that keeps things organised, and the right lighting for the job.

Staying home with the kids #ByYourSide

Kids have a lot of work to do – like developing who they are, discovering the world and then starting their journey to independence. So having the right things at home can make it a little easier. From the day you bring them home until they’re almost all grown up, our children’s furniture will help you turn your home into the best possible playground.

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