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Enjoying a healthier life at home

A more sustainable life is about your personal well-being as much as it is about protecting the environment. Here we have some simple and affordable ideas that can make a difference in your everyday life. 

A woman with brown hair and white shirt sleeping under a white blanket on a ROSENSKÄRM ergonomic pillow.
Video: A person in blue jeans and white T-shirt approaches a LIDKULLEN active sit/stand support, rests on it and then rises again.

Making small changes to the way you sit and move during the day can keep you healthier in the future.

Video: The lighting gradually dims in a close-up view of a person’s head lying on an ergonomic pillow in bed.

Encourage a good night’s sleep with comfy ergonomic pillows and a blackout curtain.

A kid wearing red and yellow is head standing on PLUFSIG gym mat in a playroom and surrounded by toys.

Give kids time to play—it helps develop motor skills and coordination, and makes the whole family happy, too.

A girl sitting at FLISAT children’s table on FLISAT children’s stool hand crafting and using MÅLA colours.

When developing children’s products, we consider both intended and unintended use to minimise safety risks.