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Kitchenware & tableware

New ice cream scoops for ice-cool treats

Craving for some delicious ice cream? These scoops let you portion out your own ice-cold desserts, just like in an old-fashioned ice-cream parlour. Go the whole way and add some healthy fruit, wafers or the sauce of your choice. And they’re dishwasher-safe too.

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A VARDAGEN loaf tin in silver colour containing ice cream with an UPPFYLLD ice cream scoop in turquoise and bowls of fruit.
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    Colourful new tablecloths and glasses for that outdoor feel

    These multicoloured glasses and tablecloths help you create that feeling of sunny days at the beach in your own home. Perfect for picnics, outdoor family eating or garden parties, the colourful patterns add character and fun to any table.

    A table with a SOMMARFLOX tablecloth and glass with a pattern of stones in multicolour, and ÖSTANÖ chairs in brown/red.
    SOMMARFLOX glasses with a pattern of stones in multicolour and a VARMBLIXT carafe in clear glass standing on a table.

      New chopping boards for more than simply chopping

      These chopping boards make great serving trays for food, you can put cheese, cold cuts, chopped fruit, anything on them. Fit one over your kitchen sink for extra work surface, the board will stay in place thanks to the rubber feet. Or you could just chop food on them.

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      A sink with a LILLHAVET chopping board in light grey, a GLYPEN mixer tap in stainless steel and a IKEA 365+ vegetable knife.
        A LILLHAVET chopping board in light grey, bread covered by a HILDEGUN tea towel, a SMÖRKLICK spreader in pine in a glass jar.
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