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Tapping into ways to save water

Every day, a home might waste many gallons of fresh water—but we have ideas and products that can help you easily reduce your water consumption and avoid flushing your money down the drain.

Hand adjusts the water flow of a GLYPEN kitchen tap in stainless steel next to a TÅRTSMET dish-washing brush.
Video: Hand holds a blue watering can under a running LILLREVET shower head, the scene cuts to a man’s head under the same shower.

Our showerheads and taps reduce the amount of water used, while keeping the pressure just right.

A bathroom sink with RUNSKÄR tap, VOXNAN soap dispenser and VOXNAN glass shelf in an orange tiled bathroom.

Turn off the tap while you brush your teeth. Every little bit helps.

A LAGAN integrated dishwasher half open in an all-white kitchen with kitchen front handles in stainless steel.

A full dishwasher will use less water (and save more of your precious free time) than doing it all by hand.