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Delivery service

Most of our products are flat packed and designed in such a way that they can easily fit in your car. However, if you prefer to have your purchase delivered, you can choose from our range of delivery options.

See here how we will secure the safety of your family and our co-workers when delivering your purchases to your home.

Pictogram of a truck signifying delivery.
Pictogram of a truck signifying delivery.

When shopping online

You can get your online purchase delivered to you. Choose from our delivery options (to your home or anywhere you want).

Parcel Delivery (For small items, if you don’t need assembly service) - KD2

This is ideal for small items, we put them in a box and deliver to your doorstep. The fastest delivery option for all products that are smaller than 100x100x150cm and with a maximum weight of 30Kg.

Regular Delivery (For large items) - KD 10

This is a delivery for any purchase that weights over 30kg, exceeding the size of 100x100x150cm. If you need assembly service this is the delivery option for you.

After placing your order, you will receive a notification email, and 48 hours prior to the delivery our delivery team will call you to ensure that you are available to take delivery and to check with you that there are no unexpected access restrictions.

When shopping at the IKEA store

Shopping at the IKEA store, our co-workers are always prepared to help you arrange the delivery of your purchase to your home or workplace easily. We’ll even pick the items on your shopping list (if it’s long) and deliver them for you.

Regular delivery – KD 10

We can deliver all around Kuwait. Book it at our sale desks located around the store. For more information on the delivery service please Contact us.