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Pet products

For small family members with big personalities

Every pet has their own personality and needs. That’s why the LURVIG collection offers a wide range of pet furniture and accessories with plenty of colours, patterns and textures to choose from.

See the LURVIG collection for cats
A brown, black and white cat is standing next to a pink LURVIG bowl in a room with lots of pink and grey cushions.
Two brown, black and white cats are next to a dinner table, one is sharpening its claws on a LURVIG scratching mat.
See the LURVIG collection for cats

Matching human design with pet needs

Let’s be honest, pet furniture is often a bit of an eyesore. Well, no more. The Scandinavian design-inspired LURVIG collection is created to blend perfectly into your existing interior while taking your pet’s natural behaviour and needs into account.

See the LURVIG collection for dogs
A brown and white dog is laying on a black and white patterned LURVIG dog bed, a smaller dog is sitting on a grey sofa.
A small dog is sitting next to a LURVIG black and white patterned tray with two LURVIG bowls next to a RÅSKOG trolley.
See the LURVIG collection for dogs

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