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Home electronics

Is this the season of sneezes and sniffles?

An air purifier removes pollen and harmful particles so you breathe cleaner air in your home. We have a range of shapes and sizes, including ones that are super easy to move from room to room.

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A white STARKVIND air purifier stands at the end of a white KLEPPSTAD bed in front of an ANNAKAJSA room darkening curtain.
    A VINDRIKTNING air quality sensor on a grey surface in front of a plant and beside two bamboo NORDMÄRKE wireless chargers.
    A person’s hands put away two pairs of shoes on a shoe storage shelf by a white FÖRNUFTIG air purifier attached to the wall.
    A stained oak veneer and white STARKVIND table with air purifier with a mug and plate and a SESAMFRÖN plant mister on top.
    An UPPÅTVIND air purifier and a plant on top of a pine RAST chest with 3 drawers that’s in front of a window.
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    Take the music with you and dance

    No DJ? No problem. VAPPEBY Bluetooth speakers are portable, so you can bring the party (plus great sound and bumping beats) to wherever you are.

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    A black VAPPEBY portable Bluetooth speaker is on a table, surrounded by STORSINT glasses and GLADELIG plates.
      A VAPPEBY Bluetooth speaker peanut shape is on a table. Crisps, KALAS mugs and KALAS plates are also on the table.
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      Cables and chargers for an energy boost

      From cables in a choice of colours to stylish wireless chargers, we have lots of options to help you give your devices all the energy they need.

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      A dark grey LILLHULT USB-A to USB-C cable charges a mobile phone on top of some books on a birch BJÖRKSNÄS bedside table.
        A SJÖMÄRKE wireless charger is attached underneath an EKET cabinet mounted on the wall and charges a phone in the cabinet.
        A mobile phone charges in a bamboo NORDMÄRKE wireless charging stand near a small plant on a white surface.
        A black mobile phone charges on top of a NORDMÄRKE wireless charger near some books on a grey surface.
        A mobile phone charges on top of a black LIVBOJ wireless charger near a white LIVBOJ wireless charger on a white surface.
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