IKEA Business - A workspace that feels like home!

“Needs a lively, young startup vibe”

“Light and airy interiors”

“Has to be completed within short, quick timelines”

Nivedita Dalvi – the Chief Interior Designer at CoWrks and her team, had
a very unique challenge ahead of them. Sprawling over 3 floors, covering close to 1 lakh sq.ft of space, CoWrks Chennai on Old Mahabalipuram Road had to be like a whiff of fresh air, amongst the monotonous tech parks that surrounded it.

“We wanted to design a space that resonated with the millennial, young startup crowd in Chennai. The design philosophy adopted hence was to remain trendy, edgy and light,” says Nivedita.”

The IKEA connection

The CoWrks team poured through inspirations and design plans online for many hours – and while there were many ideas that were coming to them, one critical design component emerged very strongly as the common consensus – the workspace had to be homely and light.

Some of the must-haves were exposed wood, DIY furniture that is easy to assemble; a definite no-no was steel furniture or leather, anything that  looked corporate – and IKEA with its breezy Scandinavian designs and multi-purpose functionalities was the ideal choice for this project.

IKEA in action

CoWrks has centers coming up all over India and therefore the time allocated for a center to become completely functional was very aggressive.

Enter IKEA with its quick, immediate home furnishing solutions. The light, homely furniture was an instant hit at CoWrks. The look and feel IKEA brought to the table accentuated the vision Nivedita had in mind. And given the quick timelines, IKEA products were easier to set up and she could change the layout whenever she wanted because they were easy to move!

Why was IKEA the best choice?

An office that feels like home

A relaxing meeting lounge

With comfortable sofas, simple lighting and cozy rugs, meeting lounges can be homely but also maintain the decorum of a professional space.

An uncommon, common area

Curves and unusual dimensions are difficult to navigate and make use of properly. But with movable and minimal multi-purpose IKEA furniture and cozy fabrics, this corner became a beautiful area where conversations and creativity flows.

Employees who play together, stay together!

The community area is everyone’s favourite spot in the office! And it looks exactly like home. With throws, floor lamps, rugs and a centerpiece that brings a couple of colourful armchairs and sofas together – the community area breathes life into the office.

Refuel at the Fuel Bar

This is where the employees come to take a break from work, catch up with each other and even have informal meetings. High chairs, sturdy tables, lanterns to make every table cozy – the Fuel Bar is easily the most fun section on each floor.


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