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Work & study lamps

Create a cosy environment for your home office or your child’s study room with our collection of efficient Work & Study Lamps. Our work lamps come in various colours, sizes and designs to suit your style. Each lamp provides a concentrated light to help you work or study better. Choose the simple RANARP desk lamp that is highly adjustable letting you direct light where you want it. Or, opt for the more minimalist industrial look with the multi purpose SKURUP lamp that functions both on the wall or your desk.

Focus light on what’s important

Our range of Work and Study Lamps have been designed to help you work efficiently and comfortably day and night. The work lamps from our RANARP, ARÖD and FORSÅ collection have flexible arms and lamp heads letting you focus the light in any direction. They are  ideal for your child’s study table so they don’t strain their eyes while reading or studying. The USB LED lamp from the JANSJÖ collection provides a bright light, is super flexible and can be plugged into your laptop when you work late nights. Our SKURUP lamps can be mounted either at the edge of your table or it can be mounted on the wall to light up your showcase, making it truly unique. The highly adjustable arms and lamp heads make it possible for you to focus the light where you need it. 

Available in a variety of colours and designs, we’ve got a work lamp to suit every need. 

Work lamp benefits

Most homes have plentiful ambient lighting, but a work lamp is still useful to focus light on a task. Clear shadow-free light is essential for maximum concentration without eye strain. If the room is being used by someone else, a work lamp gives you a bright light without disturbing the other occupant of the room. You can turn work lamps on and off without getting up from your chair.

Desk lighting that is easy on the eyes

A beautiful lamp is a great desk accessory.Match your study lamp to the other light fixtures in the room, or pick a study lamp to be the centrepiece of your desk. A minimalistic modern interior theme will be greatly enhanced by the eye-catching simplicity and beauty of the HÅRTE LED work lamp. It is available in various colours if you want to add zingy hues to your room. If your room has brass finished accessories, pick the RANARP work lamp to match. The nickel-plated VIRRMO work lamp works well in a room with silver-coloured accessories. 

The KRUX LED lamp’s fun design is sure to put a smile on your child’s face at homework time. The award-winning SVALLET work lamp can be a bedside lamp or a study lamp. The slim and lightweight JANSJÖ LED USB lamp lights up your laptop if you do not have a backlit keyboard. You can also use it to light up your workspace powered by your laptop’s or power bank's USB port.

Be kind to your eyes

Work light glare leads to eye fatigue and our lamps are bright enough to light your work surface while being kind to your eyes. Focus the study lamp beam to light only your work without being harsh on the eyes. 

Practical adjustable lighting

A good study lamp should be adjustable; raised to light a wider area, or lowered to focus on one section of your work. Adjustability can be in the form of an ultra-flexible gooseneck or an adjustable arm. The more flexible a desk lamp is, the more useful it will be.  

The perfect size and reach

Choose a desk lamp proportional to your desk size. If your desk is small, a lamp with a small reach will be adequate. A large desk requires a study lamp with longer arms to extend the light to any area of the desk. The work lamp arm should allow you to easily move it for work and push it out of the way when not needed. 

Work lamp positioning

Adjust the lamp so that it is above your head but not so high that it glares in your eyes. The beam of light should not cast shadows or shine across the desk, and a right-handed person should place the lamp to their left and vice versa.  If you use a work lamp when operating a computer, angle it to prevent a reflection on the monitor screen. 

Lamps for small desks

Tiny desks need lamps too. Our lamps with a table clamp are the ideal solution! You can adjust the arm to throw light on your desk without sacrificing any precious desk space. You can also use a desk lamp with a small base on a small desk. 

Makeshift work lamps work great in a pinch

The NÄVLINGE LED clamp spotlight can be attached to a desk, shelf or any surface in your home to give you bright and clear light. So, if you decide to make a dark corner of the room your reading spot for the evening, you can affix one of these lamps to a handy surface and focus the light on your book. It makes a great makeshift bedside reading light too! You can also get creative and use it to highlight an item on a shelf or a painting on the wall.