LED lights

Light up your home the eco-friendly way

LED lights are the sustainable and eco-friendly alternatives to incandescent bulbs. Our LED bulbs use only a fraction of the energy that conventional bulbs and lamps use and last 20 times longer; they can even function at temperatures up to 40°C. Our FORMAT LED lamp is an ideal cabinet lamp, lighting up the inside and creating a warm atmosphere. Our LEDARE LED lights collection has a dimmable feature allowing you to control the intensity of light you desire, whether it's for bright lighting for the room or concentrated light to read.

Get the best lighting using the least amount of energy

Our collection of LED lights for home help you save big and still light up your home beautifully. Our FORMAT lamp is a cabinet light that can light up small areas or storages such as your cabinets and wardrobes. While the MAGLEHULT lamp is designed to light up your collection of wall art and can be dimmed wirelessly. If you need a light in the depths of your cupboard without filling it up with wires, then just fix one of our RAMSTA mini battery operated LED lights in it. The STÖTTA battery operated wall lamp can be turned on by touch and automatically turns off after half an hour, the easiest way to light up a walk-in closet or dark hallway. The LED floor and reading lamp from the JANSJÖ collection is super flexible and easy to move around. Its slim design makes it very easy to place in any part of your home that needs a good focussed lamp. We’ve got a lighting solution for every need and for every room, so pick one that suits your home the best.