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Table lamps

Light up your house in style

Add a touch of elegance and a dash of style to your home with our wide range of table lamps. Ranging from trendy yet simplistic designs from EVEDAL and FADO to more sophisticated options like the IKEA PS 2017, we have something to cater to every table top. Ikea’s collection of table lamps come in a wide variety of shapes, styles and colours. Pick out a unique lamp from our catalogue and brighten up your room in style. Don’t stop there, get yourself a classy bedside table to bring it all together.

Something unique for everyone

Something to suit every mood and personality, we have a wide range of table lamps that come in various shapes and colours. Pick a table lamp from our collection and flaunt your style as you entertain friends and family. If you are looking to buy a table lamp online, you have come to the right place. For those looking for a more vintage piece, ÅRSTID and ÖSTERLO offer a range of simple, yet chic table lamps and come complete with a pull switch. For more contemporary and trendy designs, check out the HOVNÄS and KLABB collections. Give each room in your house its own personality as you add a unique lamp to it. Set the mood for every occasion with our lamps and charm everyone in the room. Don’t forget to check out our LED bulbs that come in different sizes and shapes to suit every lamp out there.

Types of lighting

The different types of lighting in a home can be classified as:

  • Ambient lighting: This is the general lighting in your room. Ambient lighting is a non-focused glow that lights up the entire space. It is also called general lighting or mood lighting. Ceiling lights, chandeliers, pendants, track lights, table lamps and recessed lights all provide ambient lighting. 
  • Task lighting: Task lighting, as the name suggests, is a focussed and concentrated light that helps light up the area where you perform a particular task. Task lighting provides bright light focussed on the work area. This could be useful for visual tasks such as cooking, reading, writing or doing handwork. Bright task lighting is usually in contrast with the rest of the light in the room. You can use pendants, vanity lamps, under cabinet lights, reading lights, reading lamps, work lamps, desk lamps and spotlights to create task lighting. 
  • Accent lighting: Accent lighting is used for purely decorative purposes. The light beams serve as a decorative element in the room. Lights in cabinets or focus lights are accent lights. Backlighting or spotlights to enhance a feature in the room are also accent lights. 

Lamp size choices

In addition to the lamp design, you should also consider the lamp’s size compared to the rest of your furniture. 

  • When you place a lamp on furniture ensure that the lamp is not more than 1.5 times taller than the furniture that you place it on.
  • The lampshade should be less wide than the furniture that the lamp sits on. 
  • When you match a lampshade to a lamp, the shade height should be within 2-inches less or more than the length of the lamp base. When you measure vertically, the shade should be at least one-third of the total height of the lamp after it is fixed on the lamp. Anything shorter than this would look awkward. 
  • When you look at your room, all the table and floor lamps should ideally have their lampshades at a similar height or within a few inches of each other. This gives a more cohesive look to the entire room. 

Choosing a table lamp

Table lamps are a part of the ambient lighting in a room. The base and the lampshade are also a part of the decor. Choose a table lamp for both its decorative as well as lighting characteristics.

  • Colour: Choose a table lamp in the accent colour of the room. Keep in mind that the colour of the lampshade will affect the light when the lamp is lit up. Gilt finish lamps and cream lamp shades match most interiors. If you find a lamp base that you like very much, you can always swap out the lampshade for one that you like better. 
  • Style: The style of the lamp should match the style of the rest of your decor. 
  • Scale: The size of the lamps you choose should match the scale of the room and the furniture in it. If the furniture in your room is smaller in scale, a huge ornate lamp will look out of place. If you have large furniture pieces, scale the size of the lamp up to match. 
  • Height: When you sit next to the table lamp, the bottom of the shade should be above or at eye level. This is usually achieved when the bottom of the lampshade is 55 to 65 inches from the floor. 
  • Weight:  A very lightweight lamp should not be placed near a high traffic area. It will be more likely to be tipped over. 
  • Light direction and patterns: You may place a lamp next to a set of favourite photos so that the pool of light highlights the arrangement. A lamp that throws its light upward is called a wall uplighter. It could be used as an accent light to highlight the wall or something displayed on the wall. A lamp such as the NYMÖ / SKAFTET table lamp throws interesting patterns of light and shadow. 
  • Interest: A lamp or a pair of lamps is a great chance to add texture and interest to a room. From silky lampshades to rustic woven lamps, use light and lamps to enhance the look of your room.