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Floating shelves

Easy decorative wall displays

Floating shelves seem to cling to the wall magically. They are a quick and easy way to add interest to a wall without taking up floor space. Floating shelves let you display your favourite knick-knacks and photos at eye level and decorate them with items that bring you joy. 

Book display

Bookshelves are a must for book lovers and collectors. But, keeping your favourites within easy reach is also important. A floating shelf by your favourite chair is a great place to keep a couple of books on your reading list handy. When you sit down to relax, your book is just an arm's reach away. Displayed books also motivate you to make time to read them. A couple of cookbooks on a shelf will inspire you to be more creative when you head to the kitchen. Use bookends or place books in stacks rather than upright on floating wall shelves. 


Frames hung on walls are ideal for the pictures that are a part of our decor. But, a picture shelf is a fun way of adding more flexibility to your picture gallery. Curate a rotating collection of your favourite pictures and photos on picture shelves. A shell that you picked up on your beach vacation can find its place right next to your favourite picture on the beach. 

Souvenir display

Showcases are the best place for delicate items of interest. But shelves display them more visibly. If you have an embarrassingly large collection of souvenir mugs, display them on a shelf to add colour to the room and create a wall of memories. 

Themed displays

Floating shelves can be used to create themed displays. You can place all the objects that inspire you on a shelf that you see every morning. If you aim to buy or redecorate a home, create a shelf with the pictures, colours, and themes you love. It will be a ‘lookbook’ that will inspire you every day. 

Multiple shelves

Instead of a  single long shelf on a wall, you can arrange multiple shelves on the wall. To make a wall space look taller, arrange shelves vertically. They will draw the eye upward and create the illusion of more height. Staggered shelves look more attractive than stacked ones. You can stagger the shelves across the entire wall or create two or more sets of staggered shelves.

Shelves of different sizes

Have fun arranging shelves of different sizes. They can be used on the wall to create a pyramid-like effect in increasing or decreasing sizes. You can also create an offset arrangement of shelves in different lengths. Ensure that there is some element in common in the shelves. Even if the sizes are different, they should be of the same finish or thickness. 

Wall mounting

It is essential to use fixing devices suitable for the wall material. Shelves have a weight rating and should not be overloaded.