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Picture ledges

A Place For Your Favourite Memories

Showcase your favourite snapshots or paintings using a picture ledge from our collection. You can even place a vase or a pot alongside your picture frames and create your very own setting. Check out the MÅLERÅS picture ledge - it’s made of bamboo and will easily suit any home. It has a special groove so you can place smaller frames at the perfect angle! And the MALMBÄCK display shelf has a higher edge so you can keep your frame angled against the wall. For something sleeker, check out the MOSSLANDA picture ledge - just like the MÅLERÅS picture ledges this one too has a groove so your frames are always in place. 

Display Your Favourite Picture Frames, Souvenirs, Or Even A Vase

Picture ledges are the perfect way to showcase your favourite family pictures, souvenirs from your favourite vacation spot, or even your kid’s trophies. Our collection of picture ledges come in different materials and colours so you can pick the one that best suits your walls. The MÅLERÅS and the MOSSLANDA pictures ledges have a special groove in it so you can place smaller picture frames at the perfect angle. The MÅLERÅS picture ledge is 

made of bamboo, so it’s long-lasting and will easily blend with your walls. Or check out the MALMBÄCK display shelf - it’s easy to keep clean since all you need is a duster to do the job! And the MELLÖSA picture ledge will easily suit any home as it’s transparent. 

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