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PLATSA system

Put Those Tricky Spaces To Work!

Need more storage spaces? Our PLASTA system fits perfectly into unused places such as walls, the space beneath the stairs, or between your wall and wardrobe. Build high or low and adapt the units to your needs and space. You can get our cosy and practical PLASTA bed frame and wardrobe combo to fit into your one-bedroom apartment or use our PLASTA media storage unit to keep your TV and accessories when there’s a sloping ceiling. Just click the frames together to create the style you desire - it’s that easy!

White, PLATSA storage combination with stationery and clothes, around a birch LISABO desk and RÖNNINGE chair.

Rather than start over as needs change, you can repurpose the modular PLATSA system with new frames, shelves or baskets.

A Practical Fit For Every Home

We at IKEA know that not all homes are the same, so we’ve designed our PLASTA system to be customisable and fit into all the tricky spaces in your rooms. Get a comfy sleeping area and a place to put your clothes with our PLASTA bed frame and wardrobe combination. It saves you floor space and makes a perfect addition to your small apartments. Plus, you can use the unit as a room divider or build a comfy oasis for yourself in the middle of your bedroom. If you want to create room for your towels, sleepwear, or scarves, you can get the wardrobe with clothes rail from our PLASTA system. It lets you hang all your clothes in the unused space between the wardrobe and wall, where another unit won’t fit. Tricky wall shape? Our PLASTA media storage unit fits like a puzzle piece in the space under your stairs or in a room with a sloping ceiling. Don’t forget to add glass doors and a basket tray for the remotes and CDs.