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Shower accessories

A Relaxing Shower - Guaranteed!

When you have everything you need close at hand when you take a shower - nothing can come in between you and your peace of mind - thanks to our shower accessories. Organize your shower space with our BROGRUND corner wall shelf - You can place your shower gels, shampoo, loofah, body scrubs, all in one place. And we gave it high edges so nothing slips out. For something more sleek and simple, check out the KALKGRUND glass shower shelf - made of tempered glass, so it’s resistant to heat and impact. And make most of your bathroom wall space with our IMMELN shower hanger that has two tiers and it has enough room to carry all your shower essentials! 

Shower Accessories To Help You Keep Everything With Arms Reach

Give your shampoo bottles, shower gels, conditioners, scrubs, loofah, and all other essentials a place right next to your shower. With our BROGRUND corner shelf, you can have everything you need close at hand - we gave each shelf higher edges so nothing slips out and plus spaced it out at different heights so you can place your bottles, and sponges conveniently. For something more portable, check out the IMMELN shower hanger. You can choose to hang it wherever you want. Plus, it’s made of zinc-plated steel so it’s durable and resistant to rust. And our bathtub mat from the DOPPA series will keep you safe as you dance in the shower. Place it on your bathtub or shower for steady ground. It has suction holes at the bottom so it always stays in place. And once you’re done with your shower, use the LILLNAGGEN squeegee to clean after yourself. It can be used on windows, shower surfaces and even mirrors!

Also, don’t forget to check out our collection of bathroom interior organizers to enter an organized bathroom every morning!