Runners & small carpets

Walking In The Clouds

That’s exactly how it feels with our collection of runners and small carpets - the plush feel against your feet gives comfort and warmth even on the chilliest of mornings. Our collection also includes flatwoven rugs that are easy to vacuum for busy areas like your hallway. Step into cosiness every morning by placing the VONSBÄK beside your bed. It’s stain-resistant and very durable so it’ll keep your feet warm for many days. And place the HELLESTED rug outside your front door - it’s made of jute so it’s perfect to wipe your shoes clean before you step in. And then let your feet sink in the warmth of our FÅRDRUP rug - its plush feel and the brushed surface is sure to make your feet happy!

A Treat For Your Feet

Runners and small rugs are a great way to add warmth and a feeling of comfort to any home. They keep your feet happy and look good while doing so. They can change the aura of any room and make it more inviting. And our collection of runners and small rugs has a wide mix of styles, shapes, and sizes so you can find the perfect one to place beside your bed or for your hallway. Check out the VONSBÄK rug that has a vintage oriental look - thanks to its design. It has a plush soft surface that will welcome your feet with warmth every time to step on it. And equally welcoming is the STOENSE rug - it has a thick, soft-spun pile and comes in gentle colours with a light sheen. You can easily place several rugs together from the same series to create a bigger one. Or check out the LANGSTED rug that feels just as comfortable on your feet. They come in different colours so you can mix and match easily. And for your hallway or front door, the HELLESTED rug is the perfect fit. It’s made of jute and is highly durable. Flip it over after a while for even wear on both sides.

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