Handmade carpets

Not Exactly Magic Carpets, But Close

Unique in every way our handmade carpets are woven by skilled craftsmen. Whether it is the low-pile NÖDEBO and KRÖNGE or the flatwoven TÅRBÄK or KATTRUP, our colourful and elegantly-patterned rugs define your dining area, soften the footsteps in your hallways and keep your bedroom looking inviting and cosy. As they naturally repel dirt, you vacuuming becomes easier too! Woven to be sustainable and made in ethical conditions, these rugs let you add a personal touch to your home that lasts generations.

Soft Underneath Your Feet And Light On Your Conscience

Add a touch of warmth and comfort to your hallways and bedrooms with our collection of handmade carpets. You can choose between our dark green NÖDEBO or colourful KRÖNGE - the rugs make your dining or living spaces more intimate and welcoming. Their thick and dense pile is soft below your feet and dampens sound, so you don’t wake up your baby while settling down for your me-time. Or you can choose the flatwoven KOLLUND with its hexagonal pattern, exquisitely created by two weavers. Naturally repelling soil, the handmade carpets last a long time, and like our geometric-patterned TÅRBÄK or easy-to-vacuum KATTRUP, are a wonderful fit for modern and traditional homes. As we believe in giving back to the community, the weavers get fair wages and excellent working conditions and produce the rugs in a sustainable way that doesn’t harm the environment.

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