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Large & medium carpets

Warmth For Your Feet, Decoration For Your Floors

Our collection of large and medium carpets are not only designed to look good but to also give some comfort to your feet. Just like the handwoven rug from the NÖDEBO series - it’s made of wool so it’s soft on your feet and durable. Or check out the playful MARKERAD rug that reads wet grass - and its vibrant green colour makes it look just like it. But feels good on your feet and is perfect for damp feet. And the blue SÖNDERÖD rug looks just like a painting of the ocean. Made of synthetic fibers, the rug is durable and stain-resistant. 

The Perfect Way To Bring Your Furniture Together

Our collection of large and medium rugs are a treat for your feet and bring style to your home. They make your home feel more inviting and help pull groups of furniture like your sofa, armchairs, and coffee table together. Our range has different kinds of rugs from handwoven to easy-to-vacuum flatwoven rugs. Check out the flatwoven rug from the KÖPENHAMN series - it’s soil repellant and very durable and its weaving pattern gives it a natural texture that adds style to any room. For something more interesting, check out the VIDEBÄK patterned rug - a suitable choice for the dining room or your bedroom. It has a flat smooth surface so it’s easy to vacuum. And the handmade NÖDEBO rug is a piece of art by itself. Simple and elegant it will brighten up any room and plus it feels great on your feet. Or check out the SÖNDERÖD rug - its dense, thick pile dampens sound, while it synthetic fibers make it durable, stain-resistant, and easy to maintain.

And to keep your rugs and carpets in place, check out our collection of anti-slip and underlays