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Pillow covers

If every cloud has a silver lining, every pillow deserves a case

You got the perfect bed, a comfortable mattress and a cushy pillow; now all you need is an attractive pillowcase to transform your bed into your very own fortress. We offer a wide range of pillowcases in many different colours and fabrics. Choose our silky smooth NATTJASMIN pillowcase made of a cotton/lyocell blend that has a beautiful lustre and feels incredible against your skin. Or, pick the DVALA pillowcase made from sustainably grown cotton. We even have a collection of bolster cases, like the GURLI collection to revitalise the bolsters on your diwan. 

Cases to give your comfort some style

 A beautiful pillowcase can do so much in terms of emphasizing the decor of your bedroom. With our vast collection of pillowcases in different colours and fabrics at your disposal, you can pick one to match your bedsheet, your blanket or even your curtains. For those eco-friendly ones who pay close attention to the fabric they buy, can choose our DVALA pillowcases made from 100% sustainably grown cotton. Our ULLVIDE pillowcases are densely woven with fine yarn, being extremely comfy and very durable. The plush NATTJASMIN pillowcase with its silky surface and soft touch is sateen woven with cotton and fine yarns of lyocell. It feels great against your skin and looks even better on your bed. Even your bolsters can look stunning with our range of bolster covers from the GURLI, RENREPE and BRUNÖRT collections that are available in many different colours and prints. With all this and more, you can count on us to make sure you get everything you need to create your perfect bedroom.

Pillow cover change frequency

Pillow covers absorb our sweat and skin oils when we sleep. So, exposure to a dirty pillow cover will trigger skin problems. Changing your pillow cover at least once a week is a great idea for good health. Changing more frequently is desirable.

Benefits of pillow protectors

Pillow protectors protect your pillow from stains and dust mites. They also prolong the life of the pillow. They make the pillow healthier to use.

Thread count

The number of horizontal and vertical threads in one square inch is the thread count of cloth. The higher the thread count, the softer and more durable the fabric. Pillow covers made with high thread count cotton have a silken, cool and soft feel. 


Lyocell is a sustainable and organic fabric made from cellulose fibre. It is eco-friendly and sustainable. Lyocell is also hypoallergenic, cooling, very breathable, moisture-wicking. Since the material is highly moisture-wicking, it makes the pillow cover inhospitable to bacteria, dust mites, and other allergens. It is very soft and smooth and makes the ideal pillow cover for people with allergies or sensitive skin. 

Unlike cotton that gets softer with every wash, lyocell is soft from the beginning. It is durable and resists pilling better than cotton. Its cooling property makes it ideal for warmer sleepers and hot climates. Lyocell does not wrinkle easily, making it suitable for pillow covers that do not need as much ironing as cotton would. Lyocell has to be washed with more care than cotton. Pillow covers made from a blend of both cotton and lyocell, such as the ULLVIDE pillow cover, gives you the best of both materials. 

Satin weave vs regular weave

The standard weaving method intersects one warp thread with one weave thread that goes one over and one under the warp. The satin weave uses one under and three over. This makes a larger section of the weave flat on the surface, giving a soft drapey and shiny finish to the cloth. Different types of satin weaves use other numbers but have the same characteristic of the more extended section of the thread on the top of the fabric.

Choosing a pillow cover

  • Material: Choose a material that best suits your needs. Cotton is the most popular material for sheets as it is durable and gets softer with every use. Cotton is also highly absorbent and has good wicking properties that keep you cool when you are warm and warm when you are cold. Lyocell is smoother, more cooling and has better wicking properties than cotton. This makes it suitable for those with sensitive skin and allergies.
  • Size: It is essential to match your pillow cover size with the pillow size properly  
  • Requirements: If you are a very warm sleeper, have sensitive skin or allergies, lyocell is a better option. 
  • Maintenance: Select pillow covers to suit your washing and maintenance styles. More durable pillow covers are better if you wash them very frequently. If you prefer to do less ironing, lyocell is a good choice. It does need a bit more care while washing.