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Your bed should be your haven

Climbing in bed after a long day is one of the most relaxing feelings in the world. Enrich this experience with our fitted bed sheets that feel so good against your skin! Spilled tea on your bed? No problem! They’re as easy to remove as they are to spread on a mattress.

Bed sheets are more necessary than you think. Your sheets are in direct contact with your skin all night, every night. And we spend roughly one third of our life in bed, on top of a bed sheet. This means that our bedsheets need to be both soft and pleasant against our skin, as well as easy to take care of. 

Comfortable bed sheets help you keep your body temperature even by taking care of, and transporting, moisture away from your body. But good bedsheets have even more advantages; they stay wrinkle free, are easy to wash and dry, and can also help you sleep with a clean conscience by being made of environmentally friendly materials. 

Fitted sheets

A fitted bed sheet is a sheet with an elastic edge that you wrap around your mattress to stretch the sheet and keep it in place. Fitted sheets have some natural advantages such as that the stretch keeps it less wrinkled than a regular sheet. And it also stays in place even if the people sleeping on it tend to toss and turn. A fitted sheet has very sharp and neat corners which are harder to achieve with a normal bed sheet. 

Satin bed sheets – or other materials?

Different materials feel and behave in different ways. Satin woven cotton/lyocell for instance is very soft and pleasant against your skin as well as has a distinct luster. Whilst a mix of for instance cotton and polyester is good at resisting wrinkling, easy to take care of and wash without shrinking. 

If you like to have a clean conscience, we offer a wide range of sheets in sustainable materials that are better for the environment. These are a good choice for peace of mind.

The choice of material is an individual choice based on what kind of comfort you prefer, and what you value. All materials we use breathe well and help you maintain an even body temperature by taking care of moisture. All of them also feel soft against your skin, but in different ways. In our wide selection you can always find a bedsheet that fits your taste. And don’t forget to buy bed linen that also keeps you comfortable at night, and can even match your sheets.  All our collections have single bed sheet and double bed sheet sizes

Thread counts and fabric softness

The quality of bedsheets is often judged by the thread count. The thread count of a woven fabric is the number of vertical and horizontal threads per square inch. Sheets with a higher thread count will be softer to the touch and last longer. A higher thread count sheet gets softer with washes and will wear better. So, when buying bed sheets select the sheet that has a higher thread count.  

Choosing colours and patterns

A white bedsheet is a classic that matches different rooms and bedding. However, to add more interest to the look of your bed, you can also opt for a coloured or printed sheet. Sheets and prints can be chosen to match the main colour of the room or to coordinate with the colour of the quilts and blankets. Pick a pattern that appeals to you and makes your bed look welcoming and inviting. 

Cotton sheets are the traditional favourite

Bed sheets are available in different fibres that each have their own special characteristics. Cotton is the most commonly used material in bedsheets. Cotton sheets are comfortable and are soft from the very first use. Cotton keeps you cool in warmer weather and warm in cold weather. A blend of lyocell and cotton adds to the coolness and breathability of the sheets. Lyocell is also more sustainable and wicks away moisture better than cotton. 

Linen is hypoallergenic and antistatic

Linen is a fibre that makes thicker thread than cotton. Linen sheets are rougher and stiffer at the outset but after several washes become very soft and comfortable. Linen is more durable than cotton and linen sheets last longer. Some people also classify linen as a hypoallergenic fibre which makes linen bed sheets very useful for those who suffer from allergies. They are also very breathable and stay cool and dry. The antistatic nature of linen makes it ideal to avoid irritating the skin. Linen is also a very environmentally friendly fibre.

Cotton and polyester blends have the best of both worlds

Cotton sheets tend to wrinkle easily. A cotton-polyester blended sheet has the comfort of cotton with the wrinkle resistance of polyester. They are much easier to care for and maintain than a purely cotton bed sheet. 

Taking care of bed sheets

A bedsheet should last an average of two to three years with normal wear and tear. Visible signs of wear are your cue to replace a bedsheet. Linen is a longer-lasting fiber than cotton. You can make your sheets last long by following the manufacturer’s instructions on washing and drying. Overdrying your bedsheets can compromise the bedsheet fabric as well as the elastic used in a fitted sheet.  

Sustainability and environment-friendliness

Sustainable cotton is grown with care to have a minimal impact on the environment. The process of chlorine bleaching during the manufacture of sheets is also harmful to the environment. So, it is more environmentally friendly to buy bed sheets that are made from sustainably grown cotton and that are not chlorine bleached.