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Lounge chairs

Sit back and take a breather

Lounge chairs invite you to sit and relax. Lounge chairs are also an opportunity to add an accent colour, texture or pattern to your living room. Pick lounge chairs with a unique shape or colour to relieve the monotony of a perfectly matched sofa set. If you have the room, use a pair of matching lounge chairs to flank the main seating in the room. You can also place them opposite the sofa with a coffee table between them. Lounge chairs are also ideal to add seating to a transitional space such as a hallway or a landing. 

Picking the perfect lounge chair for your room

Ensure that the lounge chair is not too large or small in comparison with your sofa. The chair seat height should ideally be within 4 inches of the sofa seat height. Lounge chairs do not take up much space and can be easily arranged in an average-sized living room. Pick a lounge chair size that is in proportion to the space that you have to place it in. If space is a constraint, choose a lounge chair without arms. If you have placed your lounge chairs by a window, pick a style with a lower back so that it does not block the view.


It is easy to pick a lounge chair in a style that is similar to your sofa. Our collections of lounge chairs offer different shapes, styles and materials. Select a chair that has one element in common with the sofa and another element that contrasts with or complements it. You can also be creative and adventurous with colour and texture as lounge chairs do not have to exactly match the sofa. Another idea is to match the legs of the lounge chair to the legs of the coffee table placed next to it.


The easiest colour choice for a lounge chair is a darker or lighter shade in the same colour family as the sofa. A lounge chair looks best when its design, style or colour complement the sofa without exactly matching it. You can pick a lounge chair in the complementary colour that you have used for cushions and other decorative accents in the room. If the chair colour contrasts with the rest of the seating, it can stand out as a feature in the room. The chair can be chosen to accentuate the colours and lines of the rest of the furniture.


Accent chairs draw the eye and can be used to highlight features of interest in the room. A lounge chair can be used in any space where you need simple compact seating. A lounge chair and a side table can become your favourite spot to relax with a book. If you have a beautiful view, place a couple of lounge chairs near the window. In an open-plan home, you can group lounge chairs to create a second seating area. A pair of easy chairs also work well in a bay window. It can also be used as a desk chair.


Lounge chairs are designed to be decorative and functional statement pieces. Such chairs need no extra embellishment. You can add a cushion to your lounge chair if you like the look of it. A small side table is useful when placed next to an accent chair. You can also place decorative items on a coffee table next to the chair.