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Junior & extendable beds

Beds To Match Your Kid’s Growth Spurt

Kids grow up fast. That doesn’t mean their furniture should be thrown away. Get our junior & extendable beds that grow along with your child. We’ve designed them to be durable, so they last for years - maybe you can pass them down to a younger sibling. You can pick from different styles to match your child’s tastes, from the playful BUSUNGE to the timeless SUNDVIK and versatile SLÄKT. Your kids will be delighted at having a private place to snuggle in, and since you don't have to upgrade their beds every few years, your wallet will be happy too!

Comfy Beds Your Kid Won’t Outgrow Anytime Soon!

It seems like just yesterday - your precocious pre-teen was a toddler. But kids grow, and our junior & extendable beds grow with them. While they might outgrow clothes, shoes, and toys, our durable kids’ beds last them for years to come. We’ve made sure your little ones stay safe and comfortable in them. And they’re cute to look at too - like our BUSUNGE bed with its playful design and light pink colour. We’ve given it soft, rounded corners, so your kids can jump and play all they like without the fear of bumps. It also comes with solid wood slats that help with posture. Or if you want something more timeless, our brown SUNDVIK and metal MINNEN junior & extendable beds, blend well with the other furniture in your child’s room. And as we know that kid’s preferences change with age, our SLÄKT series lets you switch their headboards for a different look.

All you need now are some comfy children’s mattresses and bedding!