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Dining chairs

Another Reason To Have Dinner At Home!

Our range of dining chairs tempts you into staying home for dinner. Our SAKARIAS collection of plush armchairs, come with colourful, patterned covers, while the simple NILSOVE range consists of handcrafted chairs of bamboo-rattan. Gather round with your friends on our sleek, padded collection of HENRIKSDAL and TOSSBERG chairs, as you munch on dosa or waffles on a Saturday brunch. Reminiscence on the good old days, and create new memories with the vintage-inspired RÖNNINGE collection. And get yourself a NORDVIGEN or INTATORP table to make your dining area complete. 

A space-saving socialiser

With a couple of stackable ADDE chairs within easy reach, there’s always room for more.

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Four ADDE chairs, three black and one white, stacked in a pile beside a single white ADDE chair facing away from it.
The seat and backrests of two ADDE chairs, one black and one white, beside each other but facing in opposite directions.
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Dining chairs with plenty of comfort and style

Gather around the table with comfortable dining room chairs. Browse our wide selection of dining chairs for every style and activity – from classic upholstered chairs to space-saving foldable chairs. Your dream chairs are just one click away.

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A small, white dining table surrounded by four TERJE white and light-grey chairs. An IDANÄS cabinet stands by a nearby wall.
A white NORDEN gateleg table surrounded by beige BERGMUND chairs. A white HAVSTA glass-door cabinet stands by a nearby wall.
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Dinner parties just got a lot more interesting

Sitting down with family after work? Or have a date night with your beloved? Our range of dining chairs let you get comfy as you dig into your meal. Soft, plush and with extra padding and armrests, our SAKARIAS collection allows you to lean back as you sit down for a bite. The colourful, floral-patterned covers are washable - a good thing when you’re dining on dal and rice. Bring nature into your living room with NILSOVE, our unique, handcrafted range of bamboo and rattan armchairs - great for when friends are over, these are also lightweight and easy-to-move. If you’re looking to spruce up your dining area HENRIKSDAL and TOSSBERG are a range of stylish cushioned dining chairs that do just the job. Or add a vintage-inspired, homely touch with RÖNNINGE, a collection of brightly-coloured chairs with a natural wood grain design. So, make having meals at home fashionable again and match the dining chairs with our NORDVIGEN or INTATORP dinner tables

Choosing the right dining chairs

Dining chairs and the dining table are the focal points in the dining room. You must choose the right chair for your comfort and the good looks of the room.

Chair height

The dining chair dimensions should be compatible with the dining table. The average height of a dining table is 30-inches. The space between the top of the dining chair and the tabletop is usually 8 to 12-inches which is the most comfortable. So, measure your table and choose chairs accordingly. Remember that upholstered chairs will compress slightly when you sit on them, and you should factor this into your calculations. It is easier to choose a dining table and chairs from the same manufacturer for the best compatibility.

Chair width and depth

When a dining table is not in use, the chairs are usually pushed under the table. The width and depth of the chairs determine if the chairs will fit comfortably under the table. 

Dining chairs with arms

If the dining chair has arms, this will determine if you can fit the chair under a table. Dining chairs that fit under the table save space in the room when the table is not used. This is especially important if you have a smaller dining room. 

Back height

Chairs that have very low backs in comparison to the table height look odd. Unless this is a look that you prefer, choose chairs with backs that extend at least 2-inches above the table height. 

Chair style and colour

It is common to choose dining chairs that harmonise with the style and colour of the dining table. In some cases, intentional mismatches look attractive. 

Keeping dining chairs clean

Maintain dining chairs according to the instructions of the manufacturer. If your dining chairs are upholstered, using removable and washable covers helps keep them looking fresh. If you use removable pads or cushions on your dining chairs, choose ones that are easy to launder. 

Perfectly matching dining chairs

Dining chairs do not have to match if your decor style is eclectic. Mismatched chairs look attractive when they have something that ties them together. This could be a similar finish, colour or even matching upholstery. 

Spacing dining chairs

When you arrange dining chairs side by side, they must have at least 24-inches between them when measured from the seat’s center. This spacing is essential to allow for enough elbow room. If your table is larger, you could be more generous with the spacing. 

Dining benches vs dining chairs

Dining benches are handy for seating more people at a dining table. They easily accommodate a larger family or many children at the table without the need for extra chairs. Benches are also handy for seating an unexpected guest at the table quickly. 

Extra dining chairs

If you have an extra dining chair, use your imagination and use it as a pot stand with a tray and pot. Extra dining chairs can also be used as side tables or gift tables.