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Wall-mounted tables

No Space? No Problem!

Small spaces are no excuse to not have a comfy nook to eat or work from, that’s why we’ve created our wall-mounted tables! Our BJURSTA and NORBERG can be fixed to a wall anywhere in your bedroom, living room, or kitchen area. These drop-leaf tables can be folded down when required, used as an extra shelf, or combined with folding chairs so you can sit down with your food or laptop. We’ve made sure they are durable and resist any spills, bumps, or scratches. Flexibility at its finest!

A Flexible Dining Or Work Area In Your Small Apartment

Not enough floor space in your apartment? Want to create a small nook to work from in your bedroom? Our wall-mounted tables are the perfect solution to it all. You can fix them on to any wall and the height you desire - dining table or minibar, the choice is yours! We’ve got the BJURSTA table in a brown-black finish and the NORBERG in white. Put your hot coffee, laptop, or food on it without fear of spills or damage, we've designed the tables to withstand stains, scratches, bumps, and heat. Pull up a chair or two when you feel like having your meal or working, and then fold them back up. They make a great shelf for your vase and stationery too! We’ve created the BJURSTA wall-mounted tables with a clear-lacquered surface that you can clean without much fuss, while the NORBERG tabletop comes covered in hard-wearing melamine. Pick the one that you like and mount it on the wall you want. 

For saving more space, you can get some folding chairs for these tables.