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Save money and the planet, without leaving your home

Whether it’s hanging your clothes to dry, cooking on a high-speed induction hob or using energy-saving blinds, the little things can make a big difference. At IKEA, we have loads of products and solutions to make your home more sustainable. Because our ambition is simply to inspire and enable as many people as possible to live more sustainably and to make it easy and affordable.

A black KUNGSBACKA kitchen with marble inspired features with kitchen utensils and fresh herbs.
A black KUNGSBACKA kitchen with marble inspired features with kitchen utensils and fresh herbs.

The take-away hob for stay-at-home dinners

Life at home is fast changing. Instead of eating in the kitchen and sleeping in the bedroom; we now eat, sleep and play wherever we feel the most comfortable. With the portable, affordable, and extremely energy efficient TILLREDA induction hob, you can now cook up a storm without leaving the sofa.

Did you know?

Induction hobs are 50% quicker and more energy efficient than ceramic or radiant heat hobs.

The latest in energy-efficient clothes drying

We tricked you with that headline. Sorry. The MULIG is a lightweight and portable drying rack, designed for the most environmentally friendly clothes drying approach you will find anywhere. So, stop wasting money on your electricity bill and wearing out your clothes in the dryer and start drying your clothes the old-fashioned way.

Did you know?

  • Tumble dryers are one of the home’s most energy-hungry appliances
  • Over-washing clothing wastes water and energy and shortens their lifespan. Instead, try hanging garments out in the fresh air to get another day’s wear out of them.

For these energy saving blinds, we went to the experts. Bees.

The HOPPVALS energy-saving cellular blinds were inspired by the honeycomb prismatic wax found in beehives. They create a layer of insulation that can reduce your heating costs by up to 20%, lowering the general light level and providing privacy. All for a price that doesn’t sting your wallet.

Did you know?

Drawing your curtains closed at dusk can cut heat loss through your windows by around 10%.