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Let’s create calm among toy chaos - Secret storage for toys and treasures

IVAR has been a friendly family member for over 50 years, bringing order to every part of the home. This family of five is no different. If anything, they need it to tame the toys from taking over the entire living room!

There’s plenty of storage space for things both big and small. Adjust the inside shelf to stack as many boardgames as you like. It also comes with a lock and key — so when playtime’s over, it’s really over.

Baskets are easy to slide in and out of place, and even easier for kids to keep track of their own things. You can also paint over pine wood to make your toy oragnisers even more unique.

Got a bookworm in the family? A wall clamp lamp can latch onto a shelf or ledge to provide light where you need it.

The more storage, the better. This footstool has extra space underneath for all those blankets and pillows you use for movie nights and forts. You can also place two seat modules together to create a long bench when you have a lot of guests.