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Study your way: The flexible space

21 July 2017

The human body is made for movement and so, ideally, we should all change positions often. For some, however, it’s absolutely essential to be able to move while concentrating. Luckily it’s easy to adapt most study spaces to allow for more movement.

Study your way: The flexible space

The flexible space

A swivel chair or a standing support might very well do the trick. As a bonus you get a more ergonomic workspace, adjusted to your particular needs – not least if you add an height-adjustable table. Use a pegboard to create a flexible wall with room for all your pretty things and your favourite words of wisdom.

The flexible space is based on the need for:


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  • Kinesthetic learning/movement

    You concentrate best when you’re allowed to move meanwhile – whether tapping your feet or spinning in your chair, or something completely different.

  • A girl sitting on a black swivel chair suitable for young persons.
  • A girl sitting on a standing support by a white height adjustable desk doing her homework.
  • Tactile learning

    One of the things that help you concentrate on a new and difficult task, is to tinker with something – a pen, a cuddly toy, an empty water bottle, a paper clip...

  • A boy having a laptop support on his knee and is making a drawing with coloured pencils.
  • Close-up of a girl putting stickers on a book.
  • Formal seating

    You concentrate best when you sit upright at a desk. Just make sure that both the chair and the desk is the right size so that they work for your needs.

  • A girl sitting on a white/pink swivel chair by a white/pink height adjustable desk doing her homework.
  • A study corner featuring a white height adjustable desk and a black swivel chair.
  • Bright light

    You prefer studying in a brightly lit room; that’s when you concentrate the best. You also like sitting next to a window, since that gives you as much daylight as possible.

  • A girl doing her homework in the light of a white work lamp.
  • Close-up of a black clamp spotlight attached to a shelf.